Paris (part 1)

2 thoughts on “Paris (part 1)”

  1. Amit,

    This is super stuff.

    “As we walked the lesser known streets of Paris, the clouds in the far horizon rumbled a moody growl, as though deciding whether they should quietly go to sleep or come pouring down.”

    “At first it was just a slight drizzle. A few drops of water falling lightly that left shimmering stars on our woolen clothes.”

    you make me green with envy. It is just poetry in prose.

    “The rain was free, inhibited by anything man made or otherwise.”

    i think it should read uninhibited.

    with love and best wishes


    1. thanks a lot Mavaiyyah!! you are so generous in your appreciation… 🙂
      you are right, it should read uninhibited…i have made the change.

      there are three more chapters to come…i will add them soon.. 🙂


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