The Good, Bad and Ugly of AAP

6 thoughts on “The Good, Bad and Ugly of AAP”

  1. Well said amit …
    Its true that power corrupts and if its absolute power than it can corrupt more…
    Everyone is waiting to pound on….
    even on a small mistake made.
    But I am with the cleaning of our deeply corrupted political system.
    I pray that kejriwal and AAP does really succeed.

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  2. What you have said here applies not only to AAP, but to all politicians and political parties. Believe me, I have been through 11 elections and have not yet seen an elected politician who has fulfilled the promises s/he made while begging for votes. But I sincerely pray and hope that Kejriwal behaves in a rational manner and doesn’t sacrifice pragmatism in his quest for a utopian political system. His job now is to fulfil the promises he made to Delhiites while taking precautions to see that trade and commerce are not forced to commit suicide. Achhe din will now come, not because of any political party, but because the citizens of India have decided to hold politicians answerable to their commitments.


    1. I think that’s AAP’s greatest contribution to Indian politics. By breaking away from the norm it is showing that alternatives exists. The amount of public support it is garnering shows that said alternatives are viable. More importantly, they reflect the mood of the people and force other parties to accept these shifting trends.
      You either adopt to what the people need or you vanish like the Congress. Politics, I believe, has become a strictly capitalistic market. Survival of the fittest.


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