Two Paces Behind

I’m late to work.

I slept late last night. I got up late this morning. And I’m late to work now.

I woke up to my second alarm, which is just 20 minutes later than my first. And yet I know it is going to ruin my day. Probably.

While making breakfast, I listen to songs instead of the podcast I am supposed to. While eating breakfast, I watch an episode of The Office. And then one more. Continue reading “Two Paces Behind”

Paris (part 1)

Prologue: The Anticipation The sun was out and that made the ordeal at least bearable, if not altogether pleasant. I checked my mobile again to see if I was on time. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting to get a different result each time. I was … Continue reading Paris (part 1)


Mumbai. No surprises there. Only a sense of being overwhelmed by the magnanimity of the city. All of us have seen, time and again, of what impact the city can have on its visitors. Of how it just blows your mind away. Of how irresistibly charming and repulsing the city is, simultaneously. You know it … Continue reading Mumbai