A Young Lady’s Ode to Her Place of Internship

The assignments, the homework,
The projects, the reports
The files on my desk,
Piling up into forts; Continue reading “A Young Lady’s Ode to Her Place of Internship”


Is Shah Rukh Khan Going to be Apple’s Brand Ambassador in India?

This post was originally published by the Author on Applesutra. It’s India’s largest Apple community.

Celebrities have a special place in our lives. Speaking from a purely economic perspective, they have a high aspirational value attached to them. Meaning that we’d do almost anything to be a little more like our beloved stars.

Marketers are acutely aware of this, and they put that knowledge to good use selling products. That’s why we see Bollywood celebrities selling everything from underwear to aggarbatti. And it looks like Tim Cook might have come away with some ideas. Continue reading “Is Shah Rukh Khan Going to be Apple’s Brand Ambassador in India?”

Airlift Movie Review (Spoiler Free)

Airlift is based on the real-life incidents of August-October 1990, Kuwait. After Saddam Hussein had captured Kuwait, over 1,70,000 Indians were left stranded; their nationality lost with their documents.

The film is about the incidents that lead up to the Indian Government, with the help of the Indian Army, performing the world’s largest civilian evacuation, so that the stranded Indians could return — to a country they feel has deserted them. Continue reading “Airlift Movie Review (Spoiler Free)”