What Makes A 90’s Kid in India?

I just want to clear up a huge misconception that everyone has about a “90’s Kid”.  Continue reading “What Makes A 90’s Kid in India?”


I Hate Kapil Sharma’s Show, And It’s Not His Fault

Kapil Sharma runs a tv show, which is technically a business. He’s not doing it as a social service, rather as a means of making money.

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Two Paces Behind

I’m late to work.

I slept late last night. I got up late this morning. And I’m late to work now.

I woke up to my second alarm, which is just 20 minutes later than my first. And yet I know it is going to ruin my day. Probably.

While making breakfast, I listen to songs instead of the podcast I am supposed to. While eating breakfast, I watch an episode of The Office. And then one more. Continue reading “Two Paces Behind”